Japanese is one of the best selling cuisine in Thailand and I am one of those who is a big fan of the food from the rising sun


Thanks to my friend who’s a japanese food expert in UK, I have found a place I feel that is both delicious and great value


Mugen located on King William St., Monument station dishes up fresh traditional nigiri, sashimi and maki. Their main dishes was also a delight.

So let see what I have…


First up the Chef’s selection sashimi for 3….

In this sashimi you get salmon, hamachi, tuna, scallops and cray clams… The sashimi are fresh, sweet and succulent… Hamashi and salmon was the star.. Creamy, soft and melt in your mouth.. Delicious! So good we just went for more


The tamago sashimi or japanese omelette was nearly there.. If there was abit more sweetness.. It would be perfect


For hot dishes we went for the hamachi cheeks grilled with sweet teriyaki and korean hotpot



The cheeks were amazing! Sweet, flaky and savoury with a hint of smokiness from the charred marks.. Delicious but the korean hotpot was moderate.. Similar to other korean restaurants


Next up rainbow maki and special California maki

The tempura batter adds that wonderful sweet crunchy texture on the outer layer and the filling was fulfilling, packed full of fresh fish but if it had abit more japanese mayo to add that extra sweet and creaminess would take it to another level

For the rainbow roll.. What could go wrong with 7 different type of fish in one single roll? Nothing.. It was fresh, sweet and the tobiko on top adds that nice pop and texture to the dish


Get the aburi version, lightly flamed nigiri.. Adds that nice smokey note to the fish.

Mugen at Monument delivers both flavours and portion.. The fish is fresh, sweet and full of flavour. With the price they are charging, its a bargain and one place you just have to try to get a quick fix of traditional japanese cuisine..

Price:££ (£25-£35)
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