When thinking of sushi serve along a conveyor belt in London, Yo! Sushi was always the first one to come in mind


But Yo! for me is not very good… But here I think I have a new place for conveyor belt sushi, its Itsu Dinings in South Kensington


With three different plates coded prices ranges from £2.99 to £4.99 is a good offer for the quality and flavour profile you get.. In addition you also get additional grill dishes such as unagi, teriyaki chicken etc.

So lets see what I have tried..


The food such as seared salmon with wasabi mushy peas and salmon sashimi in ponzu sauce was fresh and tangy and a nice punch in the face peas were really good


Their take on beef tataki is really good.. Even thou the beef was not as tender as places such as Dinings.. However it was a great combination of fresh wasabi slaw and light seared thinly slices beef



Their unagi is not bad at all, sweet and salty from the eel sauce, the sushi rice flavour was right but the texture was abit too hard..

But their miso soup is really really good and best compliment to eat with their sushi..

Itsu Dining serves really good sushi at really good prices.. If you happen to be around here, come visit cause its pretty good!

Price:££ (three plates plus drinks £18)
Itsu on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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