St. John’s Bread and Wine is the St. John restaurant group, the dishes evolves around utilising the whole animal and is under the award winning, Michelin St. John restaurant in Smithfield’s..20130823-011632.jpg

One might think how is this particular Bread and Wine concept different from the restaurant in Smithfield20130823-011838.jpg

In Spitalfields, the restaurant concepts around sharing of different starters and mains.. British tapas you could say which is wonderful.. This allows you to try all the dishes they offer which is a delight…

The setting is living with the open kitchen and a bakery selling their sourdough.. Gives it a nice relaxing note


I like their gimic on the menu.. 6pm indicate starters and 7pm main.. A great way of saying start your dinner light and then heavy later on the night..

Enough with the intro.. Let see what I had today

For starters, first got the Bobby Beans with ham and hen’s egg and ox tongue with celeriac20130823-012459.jpg

The ham dish is amazing.. Salty savoury ham, sweet red onion and tangy dressing cut by the crunchy beans.. Delicious.. The tongue is nice and tender pack and the celeriac add that creamy and crunchy texture20130823-012624.jpg

Next up Kohlrabi, chervil and white cabbage salad and Pig’s head 20130823-012828.jpg

The kohlrabi is super crunchy, sweet and the rocket adds that nice heat while the acidic tangy dressing really freshens it up.. The pigs head is super tender, first time having that part of the pig and loved it20130823-013011.jpg20130823-013046.jpg

The mussels were not that special but get the foie gras on toast.. Creamy, deliciousness and on top of their toasted sourdough is just divine.. You could really tell that they put a hefty amount of foie gras into it20130823-013254.jpg


Me and my friends were curious of what Grouse is and by what the waiter explained tempted us even more to try.. Its a very interesting seasonal dish.. The small bird breast were really tender and juicy and the flavours were interesting.. Not like a pigeon or quail but in between… And the courgette braised in herb butter and beans topped with yoghurt was also delicious but would be abit too heavy to have on its own



For mains, the pork was the star… Middle White pork on a bed of lentils and pickled cabbage was super delicious… Soft, juicy melt in your mouth pork cut by the crispy salty crackling and the fresh tangy cabbage and lentils compliments it well.. A dish I think just can’t find any fault..



For dessert get their famous madeleines and raspberry ripple ice cream.. Its heavenly.. The madeleines are not overly sweet.. Crisp coating and soft fluffy filling with a hint of mild aromas.. Delicious!

St. John is a restaurant that went beyond my expectations. The starter were amazing, the dessert was delicious and the pork was the star… If you haven’t try it, come, cause I’ll definitely be back and will soon head to check out their restaurant as well!

Price:££ (£ 25-28 including drinks but no wine)
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