Continuing on from the Bank Holiday Trip across Lake District and Manchester…


After a delicious brunch at Teacup, we headed out of town to Lyme Park to see the Mansion that Pride and Prejudice was shot at… After walking around, taking photos and taking in the marvellous scenic views.. We got hungry


Thanks to Foursquare and Google Map Reviewers we found this place again in my favourite neighbourhood, Northern Quarter..

Lust Lust houses Manchester’s top burger joint, Almost Famous while offering their take on mexican classics such as burritos and tacos..

Don’t be surprised of the amount we ordered.. Cause we were really hungry.. Here is what we had


First up, 3 sets of shredded beef, chicken and bbq pulled pork tacos and their fiery buffalo fillets, thats right fillet not wings!


They were delicious… Succulent, pack full of flavours and the tacos topping were a great combination.. The buffalo fillets were really juicy and the sauce had the right amount of heat and acidity to it which sometime hard to find the right balance… Great start to the meal


Almost Famous goes big on their burgers, with four of us being super hungry we got the inferno tower.. Four meat pattys, chilli, spicy sour cream, cheese, inferno chicken fillets all in a bun.. And their double bacon cheese burger concoction


The burgers were really good… Especially the bacon cheeseburger, tender savour patty, sweet and smokey bacon with their homemade famous sauce were delicious! Plus their fries were also crunchy outside and soft inside.. Delicious…

If you like american and mexican comfort food.. Come and indulge it here in the Northern Quarter of Manchester cause I think its really good…

Price:£ (£21 because we ordered alot!)
Luck Lust Liquor & Burn on Urbanspoon

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