When I first came to Manchester late last year, I didn’t get the chance to come to this area


The Northern Quarter of Manchester is the upcoming neighbourhood, boasting trendy cafés, hipster restaurant and a diverse mix of food


After a long night out on Sunday, we really need a great place to have a lazy brunch on Bank holiday, Teacup on Thomas St is the answer.. Right in the heart of the Northern Quarter…
I was there 10mins before the restaurant open and there was already people waiting! This is a good sign… So without further a due let see what I have


By the way, the coffee portions here are massive!


Their brunch menu splits into eggs, toast and the typical healthy things like porridge and yoghurt…

As they said that the bread is made in house I just have to try… They do some really amazing combination of spread for example peanut butter toffee, truffly honey, strawberry champagne.. But today i went for the champagne.. It was wonderful, first taste get a nice fragrant champagne running through then it sweet and acidic.. Plus the toast was just right.. Charred, soft and chewy.. Delicious


Light breakfast was not our option so we ordered eggs royale, florentine and benedict


As you might know these three have the same components of hollandaise, poached eggs on top of muffins but in this case their sourdough toast which was really delicious


All the dishes were delicious and I love the additional capers which added that hint of salty and acidic taste while the hollandaise wasn’t too thick which is perfect for me… Salmon was well smoked, tender and the ham was savoury


The only downside for them was the eggs was abit overcooked, not runny enough.. I was hoping that cutting into it the yolk would just burst and spill all over the dish but it didn’t…

Even thou the eggs was overcooked however the taste was there and the atmosphere was wonderful.. When I’m back in Manchester I’ll definitely comeback and you should also too

Price:£ (£12) Eggs dishes from £6-£7, Toast with spreads £3 to £5
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