The Wolseley is a grand establishment located right next to the iconic Ritz Hotel in London


When I first came to London, a good friend of mine who enjoy breakfast as much as I do recommended this place, after a wonderful first experience I just have to come back again


The menu is split across 4 meals of the day with breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.. But obviously I’m here for the breakfast…


Without further intro, let see what I have


While waiting for the food, grab a cup of café au lait and a croissant


Crispy shell and soft doughy well layered inside and aroma from the butter makes it heavenly.. It would have been even better if it was served warm


For the main dishes, we got the Eggs Arlington (or Eggs Royale in most places) and eggs benedict


The eggs were poached perfectly.. Runny yolk inside and soft eggs white that just melts


In the benedict, the ham wasn’t too salty which was nice and the muffin were lightly toasted while retaining a soft texture.. Delicious


For the arlington, the salmon’s balance of smokiness and saltiness was just right and the hollandaise were decadent.. But today the chef went heavy on the lemon I would say.. But still it was delicious..


Kedgeree and Wolseley fish cakes were among the sharing dishes…


With my background as a person who enjoy intense curry flavours and spices, the kedgeree was abit too mild for me but the fishcakes were really good.. You can see chunks of salmon and crab… Not too dense and goes well with their tangy hollandaise..

The Wolseley never let me down and always leave you smiling out the door… So start your day here and you will be happy for the rest of the day..

P.S highly recommend that you make a booking in advance

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