Pearl Liang has some pretty good dishes and some below par ones


The menu here boast the typical offerings of dim sum, vegetable dishes, meat, noodles etc.

With it being sunday lunch, we have to try their dimsum..

For what I heard, this place do some delicious roast duck and crispy pork.. And I definitely agree with that.. But for the dimsum.. There’s hit and miss..

So let see what I have



First xiaolongbao and pork siu mai.. The xiao long bao was pretty good. Lots of filling, flavoursome parcel.. Really good but the siu mai was just too mild and lack that flavour I was looking for


Jam croquette was a disappointment.. Came cold.. Literally not even warm…



The fried dough cheung fun was good.. The dough inside was super crispy and the sauce had the right balance of sweet and saltiness


But the highlight for me, is the crispy pork and roast duck


Pork was succulent, well layered meat and fat and the skin were just super crispy! Eat with mustard is divine


Next up the roast duck


This is superb… Tender, juicy and flavoursome duck.. The skin is crispy like beijing duck in pancakes.. Super good.. The sauce here is not as sweet as Four Seasons which was really good and the steamed cabbage underneath adds that fragrant and sweet aroma

For me, come to Pearl Liang for the roast pork and roast duck.. That should be enough to leave you happy as they serve one of the best in town.. But for the dimsum… Not so much

Price:££ (£21 per person for a table of 5 diners)
Pearl Liang on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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