The Corner Room is located in the Town Hall Hotel.. In a corner…

The Town Hall Hotel is really grand, reminded me of the Mad Men era decor of the 50s and 60s

First, I am struck by the interior and atmosphere of the restaurant.. Very small and cosy and relaxing.. Great to enjoy and share dinner with your friends20130903-235322.jpg

The menu at Corner Room struck me, it has a mix between the middle east, mediterranean, japanese and traditional cooking of the european region and spanish.. To be honest I don’t know truly its origin.. But that doesn’t mean its not going to be good20130903-235518.jpg

Before you start to order a plate full of white sourdough and rustic fruit and nut sourdough gets your stomach going20130903-235739.jpg

Bread and still water however comes with a compulsory charge of £1 per diner…

With the food start rolling, let see what me and my companies had tonight

For starters we went for the cured mackerel with tomatos and duck’s heart 20130904-000310.jpg

The ducks heart is not for the faint of heart.. Very strong in flavours and some could be put off by its aromas but having it with the crunchy lettuce and herb pesto dressing is delicious

The cured process give the mackerel that extra flavour and that cure hint which was at first too overpowering and strong but having together with all the elements of the dish really balances everything out

For mains we shared the plaice20130904-000756.jpg

Iberico pork cooked medium rare and the venison also cooked medium rare20130904-000848.jpg20130904-000858.jpg

The venison and plaice was delicious.. Venison was tender and savoury and has somehow reduced its gamey feel to it.. The sauce and onions that accompany the dish adds that sweet, herb fragrant and texture to the dish.. Really delicious..

The fish was cooked perfectly, flaky, crispy skin and the sauce was light sweet and fragrant with a light dash of cream and the charred courgette really was to die for, perfect complements to the fish

The iberico pork however was abit too strong for me in terms of the gaminess it gives… The reason being that it was a wild breed of pork that had a specific set of diet and was matured over time.. The taste profile for my taste just wasn’t right.. And the couscous that accompany it was really sharp and strong in terms of acidity from the lemons… Just wasn’t for me20130904-001415.jpg

For the dessert, we got butternut squash with smoked coconut and apple , hazelnut with frozen pannacotta


Very interesting yet delicious for the butternut squash dessert… The smoked coconut reminds me of the Thai dessert that usually associated with coconut which adds that nice burnt charred taste to the coconut and having it with butternut ice cream really goes well together…

Also the panna cotta and apple hazlenut were really refreshing.. Sweet, crunchy and well balanced..

Corner Room, for me, gave me a very adventurous tour on my palate.. Unique combinations on a beautifully presented plates proves to be both good and bad.. But overall its a great place to dine in both for the atmosphere and the food it creates, it will definitely get you open to a different take on european cooking

Price:£££ (£33.5 – 2 starters, 3 mains and 2 dessert plus a glass of wine)
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Square Meal


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