Arang located on Golden Square right next to the Nordic Bakery serves some pretty good korean dishes


Korean food, is all about the kimchi, barbecue, kimbab or korean maki, small plates and all about sharing


After ordering, in a typical korean place you get the small portions of I would say complimentary side dishes such as seasoned bean sprout, kimchi, spinach.. All good to get you going while also goes well with then other dishes

So let see what I have ordered


To start, we got the jukwe (korean cappacio), batons of beef mixed with egg yolk, sesame oil and Chinese pear.. Sweet, fragrant and refreshing.. Always a good start


The other beef dumplings in beef stock and jubche (korean stir fried grass noodles)


Beef soup packs full of flavour and a strong peppery note that really gives it that nice fragrant heat and the filling is plenty… The jubche was just right..
Well seasoned, salty note from the sauce and the grass noodle still retains its al dente texture delicious


However the topokki dish was mediocre.. Why? Because it somehow tasted like the packet I bought at home….


When in korean restaurant, give korean bbq a try… This place does some pretty good things to it


Get the ox tongue, well seasoned with a dash of sesame and top of fresh lemon.. Savoury and acidic and tender..


Also get the bulgogi. Marinated beef, sweet and salty wrapped in a gem lettuce leaf and spicy korean pasted delicious… And have it with their spring onion… In addition, get the marinated beef ribs.. The bone really transfer into the beef and super juicy and tender..

Arang really does some decent korean cooking, from barbecue to starters, so give it a try and you’ll be hooked to korean food..

Another great place is Arirang, see my review

Price: ££ (£27)
Arang on Urbanspoon


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