Ittenbari, for me serves some pretty good japanese comfort food, ramen..


Ittenbari serves not only just ramen, they also starters such as gyoza and chashu rice or even main dishes such as japanese katsu curry or teriyaki don..


Let see then how it went today


First the chashu pork on rice, chashu is the japanese take on roast pork.. Belly pock rolled up and seasoned and slowly roasted till super tender.. This place does it really well, savoury and fragrant and the additional hot sauce really goes well with the soft fluffy japanese rice


For the ramen today I went for the summer ramen (Hiyashi Chuka) and their take on the miso ramen


Ramen varies across the whole of japan, you can get soy base, miso base, pork base, chicken base, seafood base etc.. But here when in summer always try their cold ramen.. The noodles cooked just right and the topping is abundant.. You get the sweet and crunchy from the veg, sharp and acidic from the sauce and the aldente ramen all goes well together..

The miso ramen sometimes can be very salty but here they got it just right.. Hint of sweetness and not overly salted.. Have it with their soy sauce soft boiled eggs is delicious.. But the only downside is that their chashu is not as good as the ones in the rice dish.. Which I don’t know why…

Ittenbari is a rather good ramen place, well balance of flavours and the portions are just right… Come try, it will surely keep you warm over the winter..

Price:£ (£13.5 – ramen plus chashu don)


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