Little lamb serves up Mongolian style hotpot and barbecue


Mongolian hotpot lies in the quality of the ingredients and the stock it used to cook them


For me, I highly recommend the mushroom and the spicy stock


The mushroom stock is fragrant and sweet, full of aroma from the herbs that was used.. Light yer flavoursome


The super hot one uses chilli oil, schezuan peppers and chilli… Just look at the amount of it floating on top!

If you bite into one you’ll get a kick in the face full of heat and will leave your tongue numb…


For the meats, we ordered lamb, beef and pork



Thinly sliced cooked in seconds and the layering of fat really makes it even more savoury



For veg, get the knotted tofu, tofu sheets, enoki mushrooms



Also get the flat noodles.. Chewy yet goes really well with the other ingredients



Also get their meat-packed meat balls.. Really good.. Some place adds lots of flour to it but here you can tell theres plenty of meat inside



Ordering bbq skewers such as lamb and steamed bun goes perfectly well with the hotpot.. The bun is soft inside and has a nice crust to it and the spices adds that nice kick of flavour.. The lamb is also flavoursome, tender, juicy and spicy!

If you have not tried Mongolian hotpot before, you have to come here.. Cause I’ll think you will really love it!

P.s they give you 3 different sauces, puts the nutty one into your meats and its fabulous! Highly recommended!

Price:££ (£23)
Little Lamb on Urbanspoon

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