Janetira in Soho is a little thai restaurant right on the bustling Brewer St


At Janetira the menu offers dishes from various region of Thailand…. Such as the Northern, Southern, Central and North Eastern..


What I like about Janetira is that they do simple, easy dishes really well… They have Kao-soy (chicken curry noodles) from the North, Tai-pla (mackerel curry) from the South, papaya salad from the Northern Eastern and noodles from the central..


To best compliments these food, go for the thai milk tea.. Sweet and fragrant.. Different from the average milk tea but super good


So heres what I have..


First up a North Eastern classic platter to share, sticky rice, tamarind grilled chicken and papaya salad


Papaya salad in Thailand has many many variations, from the spice level to the ingredients inside.. This one is called “Tum Thai” or the sweet and tangy version with a hint of saltiness.. The one here at Janetira has the right balance of flavours and the sticky rice is as it should be sticky and soft.. The grilled chicken was nice but could have been better with abit more spice rubbed into it..


Next up, “Gua-jub” with pork broth and pork off-cuts (gua-jub is a rice noodle in the shape similar to penne).. and “tom-yum” pork noodles


Gua-jub is delicious.. If you haven’t try it before do so.. The broth is super fragrant, nice balance of flavours and the condiments inside is a classic street food style you get in Bangkok.. Boiled eggs, roast pork, braised pork and pork organs, thats right.. Organs! Add their orange chilli vinegar to add that extra tangy and heat…

In Thailand, “tom-yum” noodles is different from the tom-yum soup.. For noodles it refers to you want your noodles to be spicy.. In this case chillis, peanuts are added with a fresh squeeze of lime.. Usually its pork base, so you get a nice balance of savoury light pork flavour with the spicy and crunchy peanut… Condiments inside the dish include fish balls, mince pork and Chinese fish cake…

Janetira serves some pretty authentic Thai food.. From the noodles to the sharing dish.. A place you must try to get a nice thai fix in London..

Price:£ (£8 for noodles, £15 for the platter and £3.5 for the tea)
Janetira on Urbanspoon


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