Nagoya is a little japanese restaurant not far from Baker St..


When I open the door, I thought I was in Japan for a moment


The place was filled with japanese people and the interior decor reminds me of the local food joints you find in the neighbourhood of Japan, even the acrylic food display upfront is near identical..

The food at Nagoya boast both main dishes and izakaya small plates


While you wait for the food you get a complimentary of dressed shaved vegetables which was really good…

So let see what I have ordered then…


First I got the tamago yaki or jap bite size omelettes and kaarage (japanese fried chicken)


Both were pretty good.. The egg was sweet and savoury and a nice hint of mirin coming through.. The chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside.. Dipped in the japanese mayonnaise makes it super good.. Creamy and crispy


For mains.. Salmon jyu or salmon sashimi topped on rice.. The dish is delicious, well marbled salmon, sweet and fresh and the rice cooked perfectly.. It came luke warm and the flavour was just right.. Key to a really good sushi rice dish..


Their cold soba is also cooked just right… Soft yet had a nice chewy effect to it and the sauce for dipping is sweet and salty from the soy.. Put a dash of wasabi and its perfect


Get the teapot soup.. I couldn’t catch the name of it but its delicious.. Light, fresh and fragrant, perfect for the cold nights..

Nagoya really deliver some pretty good japanese classic dishes at a reasonable price, one place I shall note down when I crave for japanese food…

Price:££ (£50 include food and drinks)
Nagoya Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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