Zoilo is a little two-storey Argentinian restaurant about five minutes away from Selfridges


Zoilo is all about sharing and trying different dishes.. Argentinian tapas you could say.. I was lucky enough to walk in and get the kitchen bar seats

Its an amazing dining.. A theatre like the manager say.. You get to see the head chef, Diego Jacquet, working his magic and greeting us and recommending us what to eat.. Which was a pleasurable experience as a diner as you really get to talk with the chef


I must say its my first time having proper argentinian food rather than steaks at Gaucho.. And honestly its delicious!

So let see what I had


To start, sweetbreads and “Queso de chancho” – braised crispy pig head and quince sauce


First time having sweetbreads and its interesting… Very creamy, very soft and grilled to creat and charred crust outside… Overall, I think its too heavy… The pigs head however was rather good… Crispy crumb coating, tender savoury inside and the quince sauce was sweet and citrus.. Interest combo


First of the main, “Asado” – flank steak with bone marrow sauce, fresh thyme and celeriac puree


Accompany by chips “provencal”… This combo is amazing, super delicious! The steak is rather tender and juicy, full of flavour compliments by the rich bone marrow sauce and celeriac puree is delicious and you can’t go wrong with thyme and steak… Plus the parmesan crisp on it is divine..

The chips is super crunchy and fluffy inside and the garlic/parsley on top adds that extra kick that puts the chips as one of the best I have


The other main was caramelised pork belly with prawns and chorizo, pork just melts away, savoury and sweet but was abit too fatty and the prawns was sweet and still crisp.. Overall a pretty good dish


For dessert.. Creme brulee with ‘banana split’ ice cream… I think its too heavy and the sugar crystal was too burnt that it made the whole thing bitter but the ice cream was nice, like having a banoffee ice cream in a sense

Zoilo I think really delivers… I would sure return for the steaks as I think thats the best they offer and chips is just awesome
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