The Dairy in Clapham Common is a really really good restaurant right next to the park and station

The restaurant is cosy, relaxed and offer some very delicious cooking..


The concept here is all about sharing, the menu consists of various starters using roof-top garden ingredients or fish or meat dishes…

But to really get the whole lot, go for the £45 7 course tasting menu..


While you deciding to order, they give you a complimentary dish of potato, onion and cheese… Delicious

After that small dish, my hopes just got abit higher… So let see how the tasting went


The first course consists of crab and home baked sourdough with marrow butter and chicken pate


The crab was interesting with its asian flavours which reminds me of a snack in Thailand.. Wasn’t that good for me..

But the bread.. Super good! It comes hot just like it just came out of the oven, crispy crust and soft inside and the butter was meaty.. Very interesting combination but the pate was delicious


The next course was a garden in a plate.. Fresh peas, mint, celery.. Super delicious, sweet, fresh, minty and hint of acidic that was just right.. Perfect begining


Next course, scallops with pickled cauliflower… Scallops were tender and sweet and having it the puree and pickled cauliflower was delicious


This is one of my favourite here, the smoked haddock with heirloom tomatos, garden herbs and crunchy fish bits… Fresh, smokey haddock went well with the tomatos and cream cheese and the texture and salty note from the crispy bits puts it to the other level


Follow by perfectly cooked venison with beetroots.. The venison lost its strong scent which was nice and super tender.. The hazlenut puree and blackberry and pickled beets really were a great combination of sweet, tangy and nutty…


To end we got a two course dessert of apple granita and ice cream with Dairy’s raspberry mess


The mess was a good mess on a plate indeed… Chewy and sweet meringue with nutty slightly salty crumble and the fresh wild berries add that smooth fragrant and aroma plus its usual flavours really goes down well.. Delicious end..


Plus you get a complementary petite four of donut and jelly…

The Dairy for me is a wonderful restaurant, the food is great and the menu really is light and refreshing. Great food and great experience, a must try!

Price: £££ (£45 tasting menu. ~£8-11 for a la carte dishes)


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