Pollen Street Social is a Michelin awarded restaurant in the heart of London20130916-214209.jpg

A venue by famous chef Jason Atherton who owns the Social restaurants such as Little Social and Social Eating house20130916-214326.jpg

The design and interior of the restaurant is contemporary yet has a sense of distinctive character20130916-214410.jpg

With a bar up front to let you relax and a main dining area with the dessert bar proves to be interesting20130916-214448.jpg

You can see the way they store the meats….20130916-214524.jpg
However the food falls short..

So let see what I have20130916-214655.jpg

At first it was an amazing start, freshly baked bread were served with cure cod, spanish olive oil and british butter and compilation of snacks serves in an old bookcase were divine, such as the pork crackling, fennel with ricotta biscuits…

We went with what their said to be classics of the restaurant.. For starters are..20130916-215355.jpg

First the lobster, the lobster meat was tender and sweet but the bisque that came with it lack that intense flavour… The iberico ham however had the right balance of spice and savouryness to it


Next the scallop with pickled kohlrabi and frozen grapefruit… The scallop texture was good but that flavour wasn’t there… No sweetness and when having with the grapefruit it just overpowers and kills everything… But the kohlrabi was refreshing crunchy and slight sharp


For mains, we ordered what was in the tasting menu… Duck and Lamb
The duck was cooked perfectly but yet it was bland.. The combinations of suck and pickled variations of beetroot seem to not work for me.. Something was really missing in this dish and the sauce on top just disappear..


Something was missing in those dishes… The lamb was cooked right but the seasoning and flavour just wasn’t there and the sauce that came with it tasted like tomato puree however the braised shoulder fried coated in breadcrumbs topped with minted pea was rather nice but the lamb chop should have been the star

With the savoury dishes not being up to standard I just hope that the dessert would live up…


When we move to the bar, they gave us a complimentary coned mini dessert of raspberry coated chocolate truffle on top of strawberry cream cone… Delicious!


The other one of light kaffir lime mousse and ice cream just wasn’t right..
With a mix feel on the pre-dessert minis, I still look forward to their main dessert


First, “PBJ” this was divine and indulging… The nitro peanut were smooth, crisp and savoury accompany by fresh wild berries, sugar brittle and berry ice cream were heavenly


The other dessert of hibiscus infused fruits and yoghurt sorbet and flowers didn’t blend well together, an element was missing in this dish and it was overpowering with acidity and sharpness…

Pollen Street Social for me was bad experience food wise but the service was at high standard, but will I come back again is a question I would really consider before I answer.. At the price I’m paying I expected much much more..

Price:££££ (£90 plus wine.. Starter ~£13-25, main £20-60, dessert £9-11)
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