Bombay Brasserie offers fine indian food in a very grand setting right in Glouscester Road


The food evolves around the tandoori oven such as the grill meats and fish, curries and vegetarian dishes… When I go have Indian food I always go for the classic combination for me


After ordering a plate of mini papadums are served with spiced tomato sauce… A good start…

But the restaurant was empty leaving me doubt on whether the food was good or not.. So then let see what I have…


First the chicken tikka mahkela or butter chicken with garlic naan


Butter chicken is nice, mild, creamy and slightly acidic but lacks that a little hint of spice to a wonderful aroma to the dish but the chicken was juicy and tender


Follow by tandoori tikka lamb chops and plain naan


The lamb were really delicious… Pack full of flavours and the amount of spice is just right… The marinade penetrated the meat really well… A really good dish..

The plain naan are the perfect condiment to it, thin and delicious but the garlic naan was too thick and heavy and overloaded with garlic that it turns the whole thing quite bitter..

Bombay Brasserie is a decent indian restaurant but at the price they offer I expected more.. It was good but not great..

Price:£££ (£62 for 2)
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