Kitchen W8 is a Michelin Star restaurant, not far from High St Kensington…

I have never been a fan of eating around High St Kensington cause I think this area doesn’t boast must quality but here its completely a hidden gem


With the accolades they have and the price they charge of the set menu at lunch I just have to give it a try eventhou I heard good words from my friends, I have to come check it out myself


Michelin star restaurant always come with the complimentary bread and butter and here its not bad at all… Crisp crust and dough fill of white or brown.. Good start…

So without further intro, let see what Kitchen W8 cooks up…


First for starter of crispy hen’s egg with truffle pesto on a bed of parmesan polenta and partridge tortellini with celeriac volute on bed of pear and celery


Both were amazing… The crispy hen eggs was crispy, yolk still runny.. Polenta was creamy, crispy bacon bits adds that pork fatty flavour to it.. But the truffle just blew the whole thing to the next level of luxurious aroma.. Delicious dish!

The fillings for the tortellini were just right, and the pear and celery add that sweet crunch texture and the celeriac volute was light, creamy and fragrant


For mains its feather-steak on bed of sweet potatoes with a side of stuffed braised onion with beef and pearl barley


Second is pan fried salmon serve on a bed of potatoes, broccoli stem, brown shrimps and seaweed butter….

The steak was amazing, tender, juicy and the jus on top elevates the meat.. Cut by herby onion and sweet mash was just balanced and right.. A great dish… On the other hand, the salmon was abit too undercooked and the component didn’t shine, mild and lost but the seaweed butter was nice but the whole dish didn’t come together


For dessert, almond financier with vanilla ice cream, poached pears and toffee sauce…. This sounds heavy but it was light, luxurious and sweet… All went well together.. a great end..

I think High St Kensington may not be boring anymore, thanks to Kitchen W8… Michelin star at £23 for 3-course what more could you ask? A must try..

Price:£££ (£21- 2 course, £23 for 3 course – £30 plus drinks… Starter ~£12 Mains ~£25)
Kitchen W8 on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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