I love protein and when I crave for it steak is the way to go


Goodman is one I constantly hear about that boast meats from the US


Steaks in London are also a competitive category with Hawksmoor, Gaucho, CUT at 45 etc.. Requires Goodman to out perform


Goodman provides USDA, British and Irish beef and even grade 7+ Australian wagyu


But as an American steakhouse I just have to try their USDA Goodman Ribeye at 400g for £32


But before you order they show you the meat they have


And a basket of bread is served warm.. A good start… So then let see the Goodman Ribeye


First I must mentioned the steak is cooked at medium over a Josper grill with olive oil


The steak is tender, juicy but the flavour just wasn’t there… The seasoning added later gives it abit more kick but the flavour from the meat itself just wasn’t there


The crust for me overpowered the steak.. It was very bitter and burnt


But the sides were amazing… Cream spinach was as it should creamy and the additional gruyere on top adds the depth… The mash was creamy and soft, a really really goof mash!


End the meal with their house made raspberry and mango sorbet really refreshes your taste buds from the heavy steak…

The key element at Goodman for me didn’t deliver, with the choices available in London.. I think it will be difficult for me to return…

Price: £££
Goodman City on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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