The Ledbury in Notting Hill is an exquisite dining venue in the heart of West London

The Ledbury is an acclaimed restaurant with 2 Michelin stars under its belt


The interior is clean, modern and tarred objects deco on the table added a nice touch… When I arrived I was surprise at how quiet the place was when It was already nearly at full service and how well all diners looked… I felt under dress…

While ordering a complimentary foie gras tartar chips was served…

The Ledbury for me deserve that Michelin star, the food was clean, balance and sophisticated… An excitement at every bite and 2 course for only £30 is a bargain for a 2 Michelin star restaurant…

With that in mind.. Let see what their menu is.. First to start..


Heritage tomatos and goat cheese and boudin of grouse and wild guinea fowl with globed artichoke veloute



The boudin blew me away.. A moment of umami on my first spoonful… It was light, clean yet pack full of flavour.. You can get the essence of the artichoke, soft boudin and savoury filling.. Luscious and rich veloute yet light in texture.. A perfect starter that left me a happy man..

My girlfriend had the tomato and she said it was delicious.. Why? Because each tomato offers different flavours… Sweet, acidic that all goes well with the nutty and strong goat cheese


For main we went for the cornish turbot with grilled leaks and seaweed


and short rib of ruby red beef with pickled wild garlic, crisp potato…

Both were amazing… The turbot was cooked perfectly, flake off nicely and fresh… The leeks were sweet and the seaweed was not overpowering which all complemented the turbot extremely well…

The beef was fork tender.. No need for a knife, it was rich and savoury the crumble and crisp potato added that crunchy texture and depth plus the sweet onion cut that intensity that the beef gives…


The dessert however was not as well executed as the savoury dishes.. Maybe we should have went for the passion fruit soufflé that looks divine.. Oh well next time…


The Ledbury was a delightful experience, no wonder they got two Michelin stars and with the set lunch at that price its a bargain! Looking to fine dine without breaking the bank? I think this is the one…

Price:££££ (£30 for 2 course, £35 for 3 or £105 for 9 course tasting)
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