The Real Food Festival this weekend at Southbank Centre is a foodie’s heaven… You can get food all over UK and the world… There’s food fruck, food stalls, local produce to cooking tools


But with me there at 7pm I was hungry and looking for food.. The two place that grab my attention was Korrito and Frenchie


Korrito serves korean inspired comfort food in a mexican borrito, rice box or salad box..


There was spiced pork belly, beef bulgogi and chicken as the filling…


For the rice box you could either get kimchi fried rice or steamed rice.. I got the fried rice with korean spicy pork belly with salad and gojujang (hot sauce)… Only for £6 it was delicious… Tender and juicy pork pack full of flavour which goes well with the fried rice…



The Frenchie was the bomb! They serve duck confit in a brioche bun with red onion chutney, rocket, mustard and your choice of smoked cheddar or goat cheese with truffle honey


I first saw them at R3D Market in Old st and didn’t get the chance to try and wow I was right to try it now



The chef working his magic…


I went for the goat cheese as it sounds so luxurious with the truffle honey


It was amazing! Soft bun, savoury tender not overly salty confit duck and the chutney cuts through with its sweetness but the goat cheese and truffle honey was a marriage made in heaven! Amazing sandwich!

So if you have time go try these bad boys.. They are delicious and only at £6!!


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