First time I knew about Texture was through Raymond Blanc’s BBC series, How to Cook Well.



The restaurant located just a block away from Selfridges. What is amazing about this place is the cuisine, created by Agnar Sverrison, offers a blend of European cuisine with a big influence from the Scandinavian region, a place where the chef was born and rise.


The restaurant holds one Michelin Star and surely they deserve that!
The food was fresh, pure and delicious. Simple and modern, a completely different take on most fine dining cuisine.


The menu consists of the usual tasting menu and lunch menu but what is unique is the scandinavian fish tasting menu that uses local and abroad ingredients with Scandinavian flavours. A bowl of crisp nibbles, freshly baked sourdough and dips are served, a perfect start..


After ordering, a complimentary cauliflower Texture is served… The dish was refreshing, served chill and the textures and flavour were amazing..


I went for the lunch set and for starters were seasonal beetroots with goat cheese and salmon with asian inspiration

The beetroot were amazing, really it was so good! Why? It was sweet, soft and slightly acidic that with the creamy goats was a match made in heaven plus the texture of the crumbs add that nice bite to the dish…

The salmon was also a great light start with delicate flavours and a hint of smoke that let the salmon shine and went really well with the asian vegs.


For mains, lightly salted scandinavian cod with jersey royals, leeks and Elwy Valley lamb shoulder


The lamb hands down was one of the best lamb dish I have.. Super tender, super moist and super savoury…Faultless!

The cod is also a delight, flaky and fresh and the grapefruit purée was not bitter and compliment it really well


For dessert, Vahlrona White Chocolate mousse with ice cream, dill and cucumber and follow by coconut with chocolate, yoghurt and ice cream


I never have thought dill and cucumber would go so well with white chocolate and ice cream, fresh and acidic that perfectly cuts the sweetness of the chocolate.. The coconut was super good, the texture contrast was right and the flavours were light and not rich a perfect end!

Texture stands out from the dining scene of London through the emphasis on the unique combinations of flavours that just have to come for! And at £29 for 3 course lunch who wouldn’t want to?

Texture on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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