For awhile now I have heard about Ikeda, a Japanese restaurant right in Mayfair



Different from what Dining and Yashin is doing, Ikeda focuses on the traditional Japanese cooking and deliver some amazing dishes

The food ranges from sashimi to sushi to noodles and grills of meat, poultry or seafood and light bites..


To begin a small vegetable complimentary was given which consist of pickled veg that hits both texture and flavours and the sense of smell or a plate of boiled spinach with rich sesame dressing



Sashimi here I think is best ordered through their assortment as that would be best value for money… For example chef special is £49 and you get the best they offer or the assortment B that consists of 4 type of fish that is salmon, tuna and 2 whitefish for £29… Undoubtedly it was fresh, sweet and delicate and their soy sauce is not as strong as most places

Ikeda offers daily specials and today I was able to get grilled norwegian king crab (£40) this was amazing! Sweet, tender and so soft I thought it was marshmallows.. Super good and the crunchy cucumber and miso really goes well with the crab.. By grilling it adds that nice sense of smell that really lifts the crab flavour..



In addition we got grilled black cod with miso (£22) and mixed tempura… Both were amazing, the fish was fresh, tender and flaky and the miso adds that depth of flavour but highly recommend eating it with rice as that would help to cut the richness.. The tempura were also good.. Large fresh crunchy sweet prawns, crispy batter served hot with combinations of fish and veg a really good tempura and the sauce there with a hint of ginger really matched it well

Or if you prefer a light option, go for dobun mushi or light clear soup or chawanmushi for japanese steamed savoury egg custard.. Light, delicate and pack full of flavour while not going heavy on your tummy


To end go for the intense green tea ice cream and red bean paste (£6.3), whats different is their bean paste that actually the bean still retains it shape rather mashed into mush… The matcha really burst rather than the dairy and sweetness took over which really went well with the creamy and sweet red bean paste…

Ikeda delivers authentic and flavourful japanese dishes and with the waitress wearing kimono reminds of the restaurants back in Tokyo…. The only downside for me is the price plus the cover charge… Its a great meal but it would be one for the a special occasion but I was able to glimpse their lunch menu and maybe that would be the better option… All in all it was a great meal and a great little restaurant
Price: ££££ (mains around ~£20 – £40, starters ~£10 – £20, desserts ~£5 – £10)
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