The River Café is an italian food institution founded by Rose Gray and Ruby Rogers with the accomplishment of having 1 Michelin Star, has trained many celebrity chef such as Jamie Oliver, Theo Randall and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage

The restaurant evolves around high quality ingredients sourced from UK and abroad and menu changes according to the season and what produce there is to offer


I’ve heard of River Café as the standard of italian cooking and so I just have to come try and was warn by the price it charges…

The menu is split into four categories: antipasti (starters), primi (first course), secondi (main course) and dolci (dessert).. With us 4 at the table, we all agree to share and best try what there is to offer… So for start we got langoustine with cannelloni beans

Grilled calamari with chilli and lime and wild mushroom risotto


What I notice is that the menu is simple, as in the dish was not complicated and over sophisticated but rather simple and straight forward… these starters were amazing… The octopus was tender and sweet plus the grilled mark gave that charred effect and the heat from the chilli and acidic lemon brightens it up.. The risotto is one of the best I had, creamy, fragrant and earthy, like you in mushroom land!
The langoustine is also fresh and sweet.. A really good start


For mains, we got the sirloin steak with spinach and chickpeas, calves liver with sage and parmesan polenta

Seabass with swiss chard, artichoke and olives and spaghetti alla vongole and Taglierini with tomato sauce


The vongole dish was super salty and was just too much, but we mentioned to the staff they explained the reason and change it right away so that we could choose something else… A very impressive gesture… So we went for the taglierini, the pasta was cooked to al dente but the sauce was just lacking in something with a wow factor… The sirloin on the other hand was tender and flavoursome, meaty and savoury cut by a squeeze of lemon and eaten with chickpeas and cima di rape were a great match..
The seabass was sweet and super fresh that went very well with the olives tapanade and artichokes.. The calves liver was tender and creamy but the polenta was abit too overpowering with the amount of parmesan grated into it..



Desserts were luscious.. The chocolate nemesis was rich and indulging, panna cotta with raspberry and grappa were heavenly.. But the cream alongside was to sour that I think don’t really match…

The lemon tart was abit too sour for me..

The River Café I think lives up to its reputation of using high quality ingredients and simple italian cooking.. But the only thing thats the problem is the price… The bill hit £260 for 4 without wine… Thats £65 per head.. But did it need to make the mains £35 and starters at £15 to £20? Having it once in a while should be okay I guess…

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