The Fat Duck is in the forefront of molecular and experimental gastronomy created by the culinary wizard Heston Blumenthal 18 years ago


I have heard and seen many things about Fat Duck and Heston Blumenthal and finally I was able to experience.. It is unbelievable that you would find such a restaurant in a little village west of London.. The restaurant was once voted the 2nd best restaurant in the world and now hold 3 Michelin Stars… Today the kitchen is lead by Jonny Lake… The menu is like a ride through the land and sea, the woods and earth and even in fantasy

Once seated, a menu will not be given to you but rather instead an explanation of surprises and culinary journey you about to take… A first melt in your mouth beetroot case with horseradish cream and nitrogen aperitif of three infusions allow you to get started


The aperitif was exciting as how they used infused white eggs and freeze it with liquid nitrogen and let it passed through lid citrus skins to create that wonderful perfume… Refreshing and delicious..


Next red cabbage gazpacho with mustard ice cream…. A very vibrant dish that the mustard cuts well with cubes of pickled veg underneath that brings texture to the dish



Followed by the adventure through the woods of how Truffle gain its character with oak moss, truffle toast and jelly of quail, crayfish cream and liver parfait.. This was theatrical in presentation but flavours was just overcome by the level of salt in the jelly that was too overpowering for me.. The toast was nice and crisp but the truffle somehow lost its character.. But its amazing how they were able to capture the oak wood into the thin film that melts away in your mouth


After went underground we rise up to the level of the soil to sample the snail porridge with iberico bellota ham and shaved fennel… This is a very earthy and mild dish with a hint of herbs, the snail was nice and tender but lack that punch in flavours and the ham somehow feel like it wasn’t there…

The next course were roast foie gras with barberry, confit kombu and crab biscuit and scallop which was offered by the manager of the special that would recommend us to try

Both dishes were amazing, the scallops comes with an asian inspired flavours of black sesame with the use of daikon radish and the salmon was tender and sweet.. Foie gras was rich and luxurious cuts away nicely with the barberry purée on the side..




Now we journey through the land of Alice in Wonderland.. Then Mad Hatter’s Tea party that gives you the brief story of how this dish was inspired from

I saw this on Masterchef UK’s masterclass and it was precise and sophisticated and today I was amazed at how that gold clock once dropped, swirled and dissolved into a flavourful consommé that creates the mock turtle soup… The jelly inside was soft and subtle while the diced vegetables add the texture and acidity.. The toast sandwich was delicious, crisp, creamy and intense with the aromas from truffle infused filling


Next you return to the sea, “Sound of the Sea” lets you eat away the sand created from tapioca and dried anchovies, selection of mackerel, cuttlefish and seaweed… This dish remind me of the flavours of japan, the fish was light marinated and fresh and sweet which the sound of the sea from the earphone really let you imagine yourself eating seafood by the see side… The downside to this is the foam, made from seaweed and vegetable stock… The foam was pungent of the smell of the sea which for me was not so pleasant..



With the ocean theme still into play, a salmon poached in a liquorice gel served with artichokes, vanilla mayonnaise and golden trout roe were one of the best salmon dishes by far! The flavours was bang on and the elements on the dish combine so well that just lifts the salmon to another level, no wonder it their signature dish!

Back from the ocean, we go to the sky with anjou pigeon, smoked onion and malt.. The pigeon is moist and tender that had a wonderfully aromatic spice rub onto it that runs into the jus… Eaten with the sweet smoked onion is another great dish…

With a side of luscious mash is divine… With the heavy plates done, a hot and cold tea is served to clean your palate for the dessert to come

When you drink, one side of your mouth is hot and the other is cold.. The tea is lightly sweet and acidic with a nice herbal note.. A good cleanser for sure

For dessert, the first is botrytis cinerea, for me the texture was right but the dish was abit sour and sharp that just stop me from really able to take note of the different elements of the dish


Follow by eggs in verjus, verjus in egg.. This is a clever dessert and display true skill of the head pastry chef… The shells are made of white chocolate and sprayed with milk chocolate to create the colour and coffee to create the dust and the eggs are filled with pannacotta-like with citrus filling that mimics the yoke… The flavours were well balance and the textures were just right, crunchy, creamy, sweet and refreshing at the same time…a great way to end



To conclude, five bottles of mini whiskey wine gum are served and “like a kid in a sweet shop” bag was given… I was amazed at how each whiskey has its own characteristics as the ageing process varies, giving you a tour of the whiskey world of Scotland and USA. The sweet bags were all amazing… You just can’t go wrong with sweets…

The Fat Duck is a culinary adventure, taking you places that you wouldn’t thought possible.. The detail, the technique, the precision and the theatrical side of culinary gastronomy that you could only find here.. Even thou a few dishes were not as good as expected, the Fat Duck created by Heston Blumenthal is a place that is really unique and yes he is a “culinary wizard” (San Pallagrino quote) and for £195 I think it is something you must try whenever possible as I would think you wouldn’t this anywhere else in the world!

Price: ££££ (Tasting Menu £195 per person)


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