Soho is diverse in terms of food and here at this place standing right on Brewer St. offers some pretty good japanese food at a particularly good price


The restaurant is part of the Kulu Kulu japanese restaurant that have outlets in South Kensington and Covent Garden. The food is simple and not complicated.. The menu is categorised into a la carte and set dinner or lunch. A la carte consists of the usual sushi, sashimi, hand roll, hot/cold appetisers, rice and noodle dishes… First thing I notice was the price and portion, being in its location you expect it to be quite expensive but wow it wasn’t at all.. A normal rice dish portion is below £10 and large version is £11… Even the sashimi is quite a bargain…. With that in mind let see what I have.


To start we got spinach goma (sesame paste) and oden.. Oden is a typical street fast food in japan that elements of dish are simmer in this light and delicate broth which consists of eggs, fish cakes and radish… The flavours took me back to Tokyo, the dish serve only at winter times and I highly recommend… Its light and flavourful different from udon and different ramen.. The spinach was well cooked and the sauce was nutty but wasn’t sweet enough I think and had a bitter after taste..


To follow were hand rolls, priced between £3 to £4.5, they were huge! And surprised of the fish to rice ratio, some places give you a piece but here the fish was filled through out the whole roll and tasted great! The salmon was fresh and sweet from the marbling with a touch of soy and wasabi was perfect, the sushi rice was well cook with abit of acidity to balance it out.. Its a bargain

Their green tea ice cream was rather a delight end.. Not overly sweet and packs full of green tea…

Ten ten tei may not be as fancy as Dinings or Yashin but its simple japanese food and delicious without breaking your week or even month’s allowance..

Give it try and I hope you enjoyed it aswell!

Ten Ten Tei on Urbanspoon


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