After much devouring European cuisine over the past weeks, my taste buds requires abit of a kick.. And what better than to use a nice indian meal..

After watching the show about how indian curry became so famous in the UK on the Good Food channel make me and my family hungry for some..

Noor Jahan is on Bina Gardens not far from South Kensington, I discovered this place from LondonLovesBusiness’s post for 5 best chicken tikka masala joint.. This place is the curry fix for Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Hugh Grant, Eric Clapton and Rowin Atkinson! So I just even got to check it out

The menu consists of the usual staples of tandoori dishes, meat, fish and vegetarian curries… At first when I arrive at 1pm, the place was empty… That gave me doubt.. But when the food arrives the answer was clear… Looks can be deceiving.. The food was delicious from the meat tandoori to the curries and naan



The flavours were packed in each curries with the right balance of heat and sweetness.. We got butter chicken, house special chicken tikka masala, garlic, cheese and plain naan and side of spinach and raita (yogurt) to cool down


The chicken inside the butter chicken was grilled before getting into the curry which adds that nice tandoor charred effect while the house special has a little kick that goes well with the naan and spinach


The tandoori chicken was fragrant, spicy and aromatic.. The meat was tender an moist… Really good!

I’m not surprised at all why the Hollywood A-listers enjoy the food here, it was delicious and would surely cure your curry cravings.. At price around £10 per dish for the curries and meat and £2-£5 for the side dishes in an area this posh is a good deal…

So give it a try when around..

Price: ££ ( bill total of £76 between 4 include soft drinks)
Noor Jahan on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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