Kitchen Table is the “&” of Bubbledogs, the revolutionary place to pair hotdogs with champagne… Whats different of Kitchen Table is the cuisine and the direction of where its heading


The restaurant offers the Kitchen Table experience of the food being prepared right in front you and while enjoying the food, you get to talk to the man behind it


James Knappett is the culinary mind behind this establishment that the menu evolves around whats available at the market that day… This gives an impression for me that every dish is like a surprise, you only know what to eat when there and only the key ingredient was mention rather than the full dish description.. The place offers tasting menu of 12 to 14 courses at £78 per person… so then to day let see what how it is


To start were prawn with barley crisp and cured mackerel with quince jam and grated horse radish


The prawn was delicious.. Sweet and succulent and the crisp barley add that crunchy texture while the dallop of butter that I couldn’t remember adds a nutty and rich feel to the dish.. very good… The mackerel however was abit too strong and pungent for me due to the curing process which I feel quite similar to the japanese dish..

After the first two, the menu continues with crisp chicken skin with bacon jam and rosemary mascarpone and monkfish liver tempura with radish and yuzu mayo

Both were delicious, the chicken skin was super crisp and savoury and the bacon jam had a hint of sweetness that balance it well while the mascarpone creates that perfume the dish.. The monkfish liver was crisp and buttery, similar to foie gras which was surprising and the sharp fragrant yuzu helps to cut that richness.. A great dish

Then follows oyster with dashi stock and plaice with pickled cucumber and prawn bisque

The dashi stock was light and fragrant and the vegetables add that sweetness and texture that compliments it well.. Another good dish only the downside is the oyster which is something I couldn’t feel to love.. The plaice was fresh but lacked the oomph, it was to delicate and was missing the punch of flavours..

Then comes the butternut mini ravioli with aged parmesan cheese and walnut with £10 optional black truffle from Tuscany and rump tartare with croutons and burnt butter with kale

The ravioli was divine, rich, creamy and luscious.. Amazing.. Hit the spot! The tartare was super good.. Amazingly the beef was tender and that crouton added that nice contrast of texture and flavours and the smoked butter goes amazingly well!


Fellow by pigeon…. Braised legs, roasted breast, grilled hearts with clementine purée … This is another delicious dish.. Super tender pigeon, savoury and fragrant from the use of various herbs that was stuffed in the pigeon during the cooking process.. The clementine puree adds that fresh citrus cut that really cleanse your palate..


A cheese course is served before heading to desserts with brie de meaux with toasted house made brioche, honey and supplement £10 shaved white truffle… The brie was overpowering as that you kinda lost the hint of honey, the fragrant truffles.. Only the texture was there but the aroma was lost..


Desserts begin with charred pineapple with mint, yoghurt sorbet and grilled pineapple skin granita.. This really is refreshing as it is cool and sharp… The charred add a very simple touch that really elevates the pineapple characteristics


Continue into pear tart with liquorice ice cream, prune in armondyac and custard and salted caramel chocolate..

The pear tart was delicious.. The dough was buttery and fragrant and the pears sharp note cuts it well and the liquorice pair amazingly well.. But the prunes alcohol was abit too strong but the custard on top and mousse were light, sweet and delicious.. The chocolate however was abit too bitter and the caramel was overly salted for me…

Kitchen Table in Fitzrovia is an amazing experience from the food to the service, there are some high and lows in terms of food but the positive outweighs the negative.. A unique experience that you should maybe treat yourself for a special occasion as you will be surprise on what you will unexpectedly get when you dine there… Good food, good service.. Give it a go!

Price:££££ (£78 per person of 12-14 course menu)
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