Dabbous is an interesting restaurant… Why I say that? Its because of the food, the setting and the story behind it..


The food stems from Ollie Dabbous who has been with Raymond Blanc and at Texture restaurant…

I first heard of this place from Raymond Blanc BBC Series “How to cook well” and the amount of hype that the place got just made me want to check it out… This restaurant is the first to put quotes of famous food reviews and chefs on the side of the entrance, lifting my expectations super high! (Click here to see the segment Dabbous featured in Raymond Blanc’s TV Series)

For lunch as which I went, you get the option of tasting menu at £59 for the whole table per person or the lighter option of a 4-course set lunch at £28


After ordering, a paper bag filled with freshly baked seed and nut bread is served with house better… This is really really good, one of the best pre-meal bread.. The bread had a wonderful crust, nutty and aromatic.. No wonder Raymond loved it soo much on his show!

For starters we got muscat grapes with almond milk and lard on toast with truffles..

I love the grape dish… Super refreshing and fragrant, sweet and acidity really balance well in the dish and the crunchy almonds add that bite to the dish and a hint of nuttiness that compliments well.. The lard on toast was rather good, the bread was thin and crisp and the lard had a distinct smokey characteristic that overcome the truffles abit which lose its luxurious feel.

Another pre main is coddled hens egg with smoked butter and porcini, this is an interesting one.. The texture was nice and creamy and the porcini gives it that earthiness but for me it was overly seasoned with salt and somehow a strong bitterness follows after each mouthful…

The mains were ham hock pot au feu and lemon sole with cauliflower purée and brown shrimp..

The ham hock was delicious.. Clean, light and delicate.. The sweetness of the vegetables, the savoury and tender of the ham accompany with that light fragrant broth completes a really delicious dish and the mustard tartare adds that nice kick of heat. The sole was also perfectly cooked, delicate and each element lifts the dish up…


The ending wasn’t so good, the burrata with apple, hazelnut wasn’t a good combination for me, it didn’t harmonise so well and the ginger beer with cashew nut was a combination that just didn’t click

But the japanese peach at the end were a delight!

Dabbous is a restaurant that offer combinations thats quite unique to its own, I can see that the food has been influenced from were he came from, clean core flavours with modern interpretation.. But something was missing for me, that little lift was missing to make it super delicious and wanting me to return again..

Price: ££££ (set lunch £28, tasting £58)
Square Meal
Dabbous on Urbanspoon


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