Grillshack offers fast, simple american staples


Here they serve burgers, steak, grilled chicken and halloumi.. Fries, salads and sides.. The thing thai is unique is the ordering system where basically you can download the app and order it on your phone or walk to the till like a self service supermarket check out.. Giving you the experience of a diner and a waiter

So then let see how it goes..

First up the buttermilk fried nuggets with smoked chilli mayo.. This was a rather nice dish, chicken is moist and crispy and went well with the mayo..

Follow by classic burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo, relish and bacon and cheese

I think it is a really tasty burger, the combination and ratio of fillings to bun is great.. The patty is cooked just right at medium rare.. The downside is the bun.. Its too dry, if they change it, the burger would have been great!

The other main we try was the rump steak with shoestring fries and smoked butter… It was nice but not wow, but at only £9.95 its a good bargain for a rather big piece of steak.. Only thing is its rump which makes it abit of a tough cut of meat for me and as it is only cooked at medium makes it even more tough..

Grillshack is another addition to the super competitive american staples such as burgers.. At only £4.95 for 1 patty or £6.95 for 2 patty is a great deal for the burger.. And bacon and cheese for £1 each.. So stop by for the burger.. But comparing to other joints, they are still abit behind…

Price:££ (burgers £5~7 , steak £10, drinks ~£2-£4)
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