Lima, located just right behind the buzzling Tottenham Court Road, offers Peruvian cuisine to the already diverse eating scene of London


Lima food is created by Chef Virgilio Martinez who also is the owner of Central in Lima, Peru which made the list of San Pellegrino’s 50 best restaurant in the world and voted #4 of the Latin America best restaurant. Lima has just been awarded 1 Michelin Star and was not surprised why.. The food approach is about authenticity, seasonality and freshness.. With refine and contemporary interpretation.

Peruvian cuisine, people might associate with ceviche but there is more to it than that.. As I will demonstrate to you.. First after ordering, a mixed basket of bread that is both vibrant in colours and flavours with a rather unique dip that I never tried before.. The red one is sweet and spicy and the other rather sour and refreshing…so then let see the starters..


For starters we got sea bream ceviche.. Tigers milk, aji limo pepper, red onion and cancha corn (£10), artichoke amazonia of fava beans, onion, tree tomato and molle pink pepper (£8)

Octopus Olivo of braised octopus, organic white quinoa, botija olive and red shiso (£12)… The ceviche were delicious, fresh, zingy and fragrant.. Mixed of sweet and sour a perfect starter and the artichokes were just right.. The use of tomato really compliments the artichokes well and the pepper adds a wonderful perfume.. The octopus was abit behind the others.. It was abit salty and bitter for some reason plus the olive mayo was too overpowering..


There was soo many starters to offer we ordered more of scallop tiradito (£12) where wafer thin scallops are served with rocoto aji pepper purée.. Sweet and fresh scallops complimented deliciously well with the pepper.. Follow by duck crudo (£10) of duck with magret, algarrobo tree syrup, aji panca and queso fresco.. At first bite it something wasn’t right but as you go along it was unstoppable.. The duck is tender, well seasoned, covered with oriental spice and the peruvian cream cheese cuts the spice while the tree syrup added that sweetness and smokiness that completes the dish.. Really delicious set of starters…


For main, we got the halibut “chalaca” (£20) made with andean giant corn, yellow aji pepper, avocado oil and muna mint.. Delicious this, the halibut was perfectly cooked, fresh and the skin is nice and crispy.. The peppers and herbs compliments the fish just well and the corn added that nice texture and the corn fritter on then side was sweet and fragrant.. Follow by beef “pachamanca” of wild black quinoa, huacatay herb, cow’s milk and aji panca (£26).. The beef fillet was super tender and savoury and the sauce was rich cut by the creamy yellow potato and cream cheese was just perfect and the quinoa adds a bite of texture.. Delicious dish


For dessert, we got the super luscious and decadent cacao porcelana Peru 75% with cinnamon cream and blue potato crystal (£8) hands down one of the beat chocolate dessert.. rich in chocolate and the crumbs add that contrast in texture that is just indulging and makes you feel guilty.. The lucuma fruit ice cream (£8) had a unique flavour characteristics that was interesting as its a fruit I never tried, its similar to mango from what I tasted and rather refreshing plus the cacao powder compliments it well.. (£8)

Lima offers top-notch Peruvian cuisine, the food is fresh, delicious and rather generous in portion.. From the pre-drinks cocktail to the dessert, it has been amazing.. If you haven’t been to a peruvian restaurant, I think this is the one you should go to discover it, cause its goood!

Price: ££££ (starters ~£9 to £12, mains ~£16 – £26 and dessert ~£6-£8)
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  1. Hi
    We are a property company situated in the West End that produce an annual restaurant guide containing restaurants that are situated in our properties.
    This year, we are using bloggers reviews as opposed to critics reviews and if possible, would like to use a review that you have written for Lima.
    Would you be kind enough to let me know if it is possible to use the review? Obviously we would credit you and send you a copy once printed.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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