Rossopomodoro is a multi pizza chain, having outlets in Covent Garden and Chelsea


Their pizza boast the origin from Naples, the birth place of this delicious creations.. First thing you notice is the wood fire oven standing right at the front, a good sign that the pizza would be cooked perfectly..

For me in a pizza joint, the dough and toppings must compliments each other.. Pizza here ranges from the classic magharita of mozzarella, tomato and basil to the toppings of four cheeses or with parma ham.. So then let see how it goes..


They also have the special gourmet creations, this one is Fru Fru (£13.75) oval shaped pizza with three season of ricotta and Neapolitan Salami, tomato and mozzarella and parmesan, parma ham and rocket..

The dough is really good.. Chewy, doughy and soft.. Rather addictive but the topping falls abit short… The classic combo of tomato and mozzarella as their is a delicate balance of the zingy tomato with the creamy mozzarella but for me the others just not to my preference.. Usually the rocket and parma ham works but here it fall short and the Neapolitan salami and ricotta had a strong scent that just wasn’t right for me.. so I suggest stick with the classic combo would sure be best and only at £6.75 for a magharita which should leave you quite full…

I also tried the Pacchero (£10.95), pacchero pasta with beef meatballs in pea and tomato ragu with smoke mozzarella and parmesan cheese… The pasta was cooked at al dente, for me could have gone for abit more but this is how the italians like it.. The ragu is rich with tomato and beef was abit bland.. The dish lacks that oomph for me..

Rossopomodoro, for me serve some pretty good dough of pizza but the gourmet selection don’t fit.. I would say stick with the classic toppings and you would be happy and stick with the pizza. Not the pasta..

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