Punjab is the oldest North Indian restaurant right in the heart of famous Covent Garden and mere steps away from the rather exciting area for shoppers and foodie of Seven Dial


Indian food varies across regions to region from the South to the North, but this place specialises in the Northern region of India.. I was once here a while back ago but didn’t have the chance to blog and I thoroughly enjoyed it.. But now with the blog set up, I just need to see whether they have maintain that level when I once was here…

The first thing you notice is the decor which really characterises a traditional maybe stereotype, indian restaurant and the music reminded me of a Bollywood movie that really create an atmosphere.. Without further ado, let see the food..


For nibbles while we wait for the main, we got papadum.. Super crisp, thin and flavourful.. Good start..


Four of us shared a tandoori lamb chop (£11.80), lamb madras (£9.25)


Butter chicken, a punjabi speciality (£8.20) and saag aloo (£5.70) accompany by some rather addictive cheese naan


They all went down really well.. The lamb chop was well spiced and the tandoor cooked it perfectly.. The lamb madras was also good but could have been abit more spicy. The butter chicken was the star.. Similar to chicken tikka masala but it has a more luscious, buttery feel to it and the grilled chicken inside was well charred thats super savoury and delicious.. Perfect compliment to eating it with a piece of hot naan bread..

Punjab is consistent and rather delicious and really fixes your indian cravings.. No wonder they still here since 1946, give it a try and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do!

Price:££ (all that for £16 per person with drinks)
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