This is the infamous Gordon Ramsay’s 3 Michelin Star flagship restaurant, located in one of the nicest area of London, Chelsea..

I’m a big fan of Ramsay through both his cooking and TV show but never had the chance to try his flagship restaurant, I were only able to go to Petrus and Bread Street Kitchen..

The place is small and rather private but still buzzing and relaxed not up-tight atmosphere like some places..



The restaurant is now run by Chef Patron Clare Smyth who features both Gordon Ramsay classic dishes and her own style of modern French using the finest ingredients..

The menu is devised into three types: a la carte (£95 for 3 course), menu prestige (7 course tasting at £135) and lunch menu (only at lunch for 3 course at £55)..

I have chosen the a la carte and my girlfriend the lunch menu. Let see how it goes..

At start we get a wonderful selection of sourdough, pretzel, bacon and onion brioche and this wonderful mini cannelloni with chestnut velouté.. Delicious


For starters we got the signature ravioli of lobster, langoustine and salmon poached in a light bisque with oscietra caviar and sorrel velouté… I must say it wasn’t as I expected, the flavours were mild and something was missing in the dish.. The technique was there but the flavours were not as much..

The other was black fig, smoked duck and muscat grape salad with shaved foie gras.. This was an interesting combination and a great dish.. The flavours of each ingredient really goes together well to give you both the contrast of flavours and texture

For main we got the Cotswold lamb, autumn vegetable “Navarin”, best end, braised shank and confit breast and shoulder.. The lamb is cooked perfectly but lack in seasoning and somehow lost its character plus the vegetables some were quite bitter and didn’t fit the lamb well for me..

The other was roasted rabbit loin with Bayonne ham, salted baked turnips, toasted hazelnuts and pickled mustard seed.. The rabbit was cooked perfectly but the ham just makes it too salty.. The mustard helps to cut it and the hazelnut added a nice bitey texture but still it was overly salty.


For dessert, we got the coconut soufflé with mandarin and lime sorbet and banana parfait, peanut butter mousse and bitter chocolate sandwich with caramelised banana.. The parfait was delicious, banana and chocolate what could go wrong? The soufflé was airy, light and cloud like but the chocolate coating on the side overcome the coconut flavour.. The main star didn’t really shine but the accompany sorbet was refreshing..

At the end a petite four of white chocolate covered strawberry ice cream, dark chocolate truffles and rose water turkish delights was served.. All were really really good!

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay without a doubt is a mix bag for me, the technique is faultless, the texture is good and its really showing a modern take on the classics but for me the flavours didn’t deliver.. In each dish something was missing.. The service was impeccable but the food not so much as I would have hope for..

Price: ££££
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2 thoughts on “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Chelsea

  1. I went to one of his restaurants in Knightsbridge years ago and folded my napking feeling exactly like you did! The presentation was great but as you pointed out. something was missing. While Ramsey refined the dishes, he pared down something too far? I am not sure. Too much sophistication maybe counterproductive?

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