Raymond Blanc is one of the most famous chef in the UK and one of the masters of French cooking in the UK..

(Image from mangoacoustic.blogspot.co.uk) I’m a big fan since his series Kitchen Secrets and How to cook well on the BBC.. This is his would say flagship 2 Michelin star restaurant that acts as like a little gastronomic getaway in the countryside where you can stay at the hotel, walk at the vegetable gardens and enjoy the food.. Texture and Dabbous has all been through these kitchen doors and I’m not surprised why their food is so delicious and unique, Raymond Blanc’s dish really delivers.. The team is led by Raymond Blanc, Gary Jones and Benoit Blin

When arrive you are encourage to sit at the lounge area to enjoy your aperitif or pre-meal drinks for 30 minutes before heading to the table with these four little rather delicious canapés of salmon, beef, beetroot and potato croquette..

The menu is divided into 3 types of 6 course at £134 and 9 course for £154 for everyone at the table.. The 6 course is inspired by the season’s harvest and flavours while the 9 course is the signature line.. You could also go for the a la carte menu but adding it all up its just like tasting menu.. So go for tasting.. You can also get the wine pairing to accompany your meal at £79 to £299… Highly recommend as it would be an amazing pairing to your food..


Once ordered the 6 course tasting menu, a basket of freshly baked breads come to offer… From the beer and potato buns to the baguette and sourdough all were amazing.. From the crust to the dough, delicious..

For first course, its lobster ravioli with leek and oscietra caviar follow by risotto of wild mushrooms and truffle cream

The ravioli was nice and delicate, super thin pasta but the bisque was too salty and rather kills the other delicate flavours and texture.. The risotto on the other hand was perfect, the earthiness from the mushroom really comes through and the texture of the risotto was creamy and soft plus the cream adds a luxurious touch to the dish.. Amazing

The next course are spiced Cornish monkfish, saffron, mussels and gewurztraminer follow by roasted Shropshire venison, Willams pear, cranberry and chestnut


The venison was perfect… Really really amazing dish.. Each element match perfectly and the venison was super tender and flavoursome and the use of cranberries in the jus lifts the venison to a whole new level.. The monkfish also had an interesting combination of flavours.. The mussels were succulent, sweet and fragrant while the monkfish was fresh and meaty but the saffron somehow didn’t work for me.. But the sauce help to remove that


Follow by a tasting of 3 types of maturity of comte cheese at 12, 24 and 36 months.. Comte was chosen because of the cheese is the are where he came from.. The cheese were accompany by vanilla apricot, grapes, toasted hazelnut and pecan and raisin bread.. Each maturity has a unique set of characteristics. The youngest was creamy and fruity, the middle age was abit more intense and robust in flavours and the old was calm, slightly hard but flavourful..plus having it with all the little condiments were amazing

Then for dessert, a refreshing Geleé of exotic fruits, kaffir lime and coconut jus… The plate has the right balance of acidity and sweetness and the coconut sorbet on top packs full of coconut flavour that is different from many places.. Really really good dessert

Raymond Blanc without a doubt deserve that 2 Michelin star and has created so many great chefs along the way, the food is flavourful and can see that alot of effort and care has been put into like he did in his TV show.. The service was perfect and the food was as well.. Even thou its pricey but its a worth while experience that you just have to come and try and hopefully you like it as much as I do..


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