Daylseford Organic Farm is a foodie’s heaven..

Daylesford is one of the few premium organic supermarket and that offers it produces in their cafe and deli.. But here its at the source and a great opportunity for me to try their food


At the farm they sell their own meats, vegetables, an in house bakery, cheeses and even house cookware and wine


Which left me spending quite a few on these wonderful ingredients to cook at home!

Inside also house a cafe that dishes produces used from the farm..


The dining area feels like you are in a barn and canteen like which is rather cosy and relaxed plus you can see the open mini kitchen with an open charcoal grill and wood fire oven

The menu are categorised into salads, starters to share, mains and dessert..
Among us 4 we shared the food and so let see how it is!

We got twice baked blue cheese soufflé with apple slaw and walnut (£7), woodland mushroom on grilled sourdough with garlic and parsley (£9)

The soufflé is super light and cheesy, the use of apple cuts the heaviness with it refreshing acidic flavours.. Delicious.. The mushroom was also a good starter as the mushroom character really shines through

Follow by risotto of jerusalem artichoke with truffle oil and garlic breadcrumbs (£12), slow-cooked chilli beef chin with jasmine rice and mint creme fraiche (£12)


And a small portion of chicken caesar salad (£10)… all were delicious.. The risotto was creamy, flavourful and fragrant while the chilli really packs a punch with large chunks of beef..

Daylseford Farm is an amazing place for foodies as you’ll see wonderful local produce harvested with love and care and able to enjoy the food fresh right of the farm.. A must try when heading to the North of Cotswold..

Price: ££


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