Electric Diner is a little diner located right in the middle of Portobello Road and next to the Cinema


The front houses a bar that serves from beer on tap to cocktails and wine and as you enter the dining area you can see the open kitchen

The menu is very much homage the classic American style diner with their own twist as Brenden Sodikoff, the chef behind Au Cheval in Chicago helped inspire the concept of the diner’s menu and some signature dishes from his restaurant in the US

So then let see how the food goes…


Between four of us we got the single cheeseburger (£8) which somehow comes with two patties and honey-fried chicken, chilli and sesame seeds (£17)

With eggs of crispy fries with mornay sauce (£6)… The fried chicken was amazing.. Super flavourful with a nice level of heat and the inspired asian flavours were delicious plus the chicken still retains its crispiness.. One of the best fried chicken I have had.. The fries itself was a let down.. It was chewy and soggy but the sauce and eggs were delicious.. The burger was nice and medium rare, savoury and sweet



We also got a shaved rib of beef sandwich with monterey jack (£14) accompany by gravy and horseradish cream and bibb lettuce and avocado salad (£7)… The beef was savoury and tender and eating with the horseradish cream was amazing.. A Savoury kick.. The salad was refreshing and lightens the meal

Get the side of thick cut peppered bacon (£4)… Its heavenly deliciously.. Super tender, right balance of sweet and savoury while the smoke was so aromatic that it enhances the bacon.. Best bacon so far!


For dessert we got the chocolate cream pie (£7) , knickerbocker glory (£8) and vanilla cheesecake with blueberries (£6)

All were so decadent.. The berries compote screams of berries and not too sweet, the chocolate was nice and bitter while the cream on top add a touch of lightness and the sundae was pure indulgence.. Sweet, crunchy and creamy.. Heaven..

Electric Diner serves some really really gold French-American diner comfort food and one I think you just have to come and try!

Price:£££ (£32 per head includes drinks but we ordered alot! )
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