At this restaurant, Le Relais de Venise “L’Entrecôte”, serves a very simple set menu at £23


As you walk in, it reminds you of a brasserie you would find in Paris.. Tables packed next to each other and a buzzy atmosphere

L’Entrecôte is a rib beef steak in this tradition served with a ‘special’ famous sauce with french fries…

But before that you get a plate of baguette to share and a serving of green salad with walnuts and mustard vinaigrette

The vinaigrette was overly sharp and had a tartness to it while the mustard didn’t do much plus the walnuts were not fresh and had this smell of it being stored away for a long time…

The steaks are served with their famous sauce and fries.. You get two serving of steaks covered in sauce and unlimited fries and also you can only choose your meat cooked either rare, medium or well done…

The meat itself is nice and tender but the sauce compared to Cafe de Paris in Geneva couldn’t compare… The sauce lacks that aroma and herb fragrance that usually come with this buttery sauce but the fries is crispy and crunchy, really good set of fries..

Le Relais de Venise’s steak and frites is not the best in the world but their sauce is unique and different which isn’t really that great… Something was missing and not really worth the wait..

Price:££ (£23 per head for set menu)
Le Relais de Venise on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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