Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is as you know it owns and run by the famous Heaton Blumenthal.. This is one of his great collections of restaurant


20131118-173704.jpg The kitchen is now run by Head Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts who has started with Fat Duck since 1999.

The restaurant was recently awarded its second michelin star and I was not surprised why. The setting of the restaurant is rather relax and comfortable while the food is at its highest level.

What amazing is the concept behind the food, the menu is inspired by historic british recipes and that some dated back to the 14th century! Each dish has its origins and reference on the back of the menu for you to see where it was form and a little story to read while you wait.. A sense and character of Heston really shines..

I went there for lunch so you get the option of either a 3 course set lunch or the a la carte. But the a la carte looks more tempting so I went for it plus the signature dishes are on it as well…

So then let see what I got to show you..

For starters, we got the meat fruit (c. 1500, £17.5) chicken liver and foie grais parfait covered in mandarin jelly served with bread

This was amazing.. The parfait was smooth, rich and creamy and the citrus mandarin adds a fresh citrus scent to it and a hint of sweetness.. Delicious! The other starter I got was the Savoury Porridge (c.1660, £17) frogs legs, smoked beetroot, fennel and garlic

This is another delightful starter.. Light and herby that reminds me of the signature porridge snail at Fat Duck.. The frogs leg were nice and crispy and the porridge was fragrant, fresh and depth in flavours

For mains we got the Black foot pork chop (c. 1820, £34) with turnip, spelt, ham hock and Robert Sauce follow by chicken cooked with lettuces (c.1670, £32) with spice celeriac pureé and oyster leaves..

This is one of the best chicken dish I have had… Its super moist, tender and flavourful pairing with the light sauce and creamy slight spiced pureé adds a nice kick plus the lettuce screams of truffle infusion just make its luxurious. The pork was tender and savoury but at first was abit bitter created from the crust but as you go along its really flavourful plus the spelt on the side really compliments the pork well..

Get the triple cooked chips.. Its the best chip you can find.. Super super crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the inside, once you have it you just can’t stop! For the dessert I got the Tipsy cake with roasted pineapple (c.1810, £14) and the brown bread ice cream (c.1830, £12)


The tipsy cake is soft, fluffy and rich and full of guilt. Not overly sweet and perfect pairing with the slightly roasted pineapples.. The brown bread ice cream had a great contrast in textures and the caramel sauce was really good but the malt inside was too overpowering for me and really let the other elements down..


Oh and get the nitro vanilla ice cream with varied toppings to choose from (£8.5) its really good..


Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is an excellent place to enjoy a great, creative meal in a relax atmosphere.. The food is delicious from the beginning to the end, so save up and give it a try and you’ll definitely leave smiling..

Price:££££ (£108 per head 3 courses with drinks)
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