Elliot’s Cafe is situated in one of the most popular fresh produce market in London, Borough Market


I’ve heard of them for a while now and never had the chance to go.. They were voted one of the best burgers in town by young&foodish and burger affair…

That was part of what I came but the main reason was their philosophy towards the ingredient that was available in season and the market and making the key ingredient stands out

The place is relaxed, cosy and after while pretty buzzy as people starts pouring in.. The menu is simple divided into small plates, main and side.. There were two of us so we got quite a few dishes..

After ordering, freshly baked and warm crusty chewy sourdough was served both brown and white with a generous amount of butter, delicious and super fresh.. Nothing beats bread that just left from the oven..


For small plates we got Goat’s curd with brioche and heather honey (£8), scallops and saffron butter (£11) and English rose veal tonnado (£8)


The goat’s curd were amazing.. Tangy, silky smooth and creamy and the honey perfectly cuts it sharpness of the goats curd… The veal tonnado was also good.. The tangy sauce and the thinly sliced veal matches well and the scallops were fresh and tender but the butter lacks in punchy flavours..

When here obviously we have to get the infamous cheeseburger and fried potatoes (£13)

Also the Barnsley Lamb chop, peppers and smoked aubergine (£17)

The burger didn’t disappoint, it was juicy, savoury and tender.. The onion adds a sweetness to it and the bun holds the juicy well.. A really really delicious burger.. The mustard and tomato sauce when put on the burger just lifts the whole thing up.. The lamb was cooked just pink and the peppers adds a nice fragrant and slight heat to it but was it as good as the burger? I don’t think so…

Elliot’s Cafe is a great place to eat, you can tell the ingredients are really really good and the combinations of flavours work even thou one main was alright.. If you bored of standing eating at the market.. Come and sit in here and you
‘ll have a good meal..

Price:£££ (£36 per head)
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