Gyunoya is a small eatery serving simple, quick and easy Japanese beef bowl


Beef bowl or “Gyudon” in Japanese is like sandwich in the western world, its fast, delicious and filling while not comprising on the nutrition side.. There are many chain of restaurant that serves these little delights in Japan such as Yoshinoya or Sukiya but here at Gyunoya does some pretty good interpretation of that

Here the menu consists of either beef or pork bowl in medium (฿140) or large (฿180) portions.. The beef is cooked in a special broth that is quite savoury yet with a hint of sweetness

Besides you can also get japanese poached eggs (onsen eggs) on top or salad and many other condiments to go with the beef bowl at additional cost.. But its all worthwhile as it compliments the beef rather well..

The bowl is delicious.. Tender, juicy and savour beef with the fat marble across is the key to its flavour.. The onion is soft and sweet and the rice is chewy, abit sticky and soft.. Delicious..

The portions is generous and you’ll leave happy, even thou its a small place, the flavour and food is big.. Give it a try!

Price:฿฿ (฿280 plus condiments)


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