This place is always a place I go when I crave for some Japanese fried pork or “Tonkatsu”..

Maisen has developed its own recipe since 1965 and says that their batter is super crispy and the pork soo tender you can pull it apart with your chopsticks



As you enter the restaurant, the counter bar on the right houses the open frying station that guarantee every piece is fried right on order

What unique about this place is the emphasis on the special breed call “Kurobuta” that offers a more juicy and flavourful pork comparing to others that is a luxury in Japan.

I went for the Loin Kurobuta Katsu (฿255), the loin for me is delicious because of the fat that comes with the meat.. But also you could get the tenderloin version which is super tender and juicy

The pork is really flavourful slightly sweet and super tender plus the batter is super crispy and flaky.. The sweet tonkatsu sauce that they have is slight tangy and sweet that cuts and compliments the pork soo well..

On the side, I highly recommend their japanese omelette (฿165) one of the best I had, its warm and soft and bursting with flavours..

Maisen in Bangkok is as good as it is in Japan and so why not give it a try..

Price: ฿฿฿ (฿350 per head)


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