Gohub is a small, open eatery selling one of the most popular quick eats in Bangkok, the noodle



Noodles to me is similar to pasta.. It has various shapes for example, flat, thin, big etc and various sauces or broth either pork or meat base and condiments comes differently with each type of noodles

Here at Gohub they specialise in what we call boat noodle or kua-tiew-ruey, this type of noodle uses dark and intense broth and the process involve long cooking of the stock… With that you get intense flavours and aroma and also long braising of meats..

Gohub is also a manufacturer of meat balls.. They are famous for that such as pork or beef base meat balls that is either grilled on a skewers covered in sweet and sour sauce or either boiled into the noodle soup

This time I got the Hotpot of pork but you could either go for beef as well (฿50) this serves two, the flavours is there and delicious.. Pork is tender and the slow braising of the tough cut just melts in the mouth and the meat ball is delicious… Hotpot is also called kao-lao meaning noodle-less, so you get all the condiments but without the noodle instead you have it with rice which is also another great way of enjoying noodles.. Also add a dash of that hot vinegar sauce into the broth and the balance of heat would be just right..

At only ฿50 for a portion of two is super super cheap! Its a hell of a value for money… Must try!



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