Hadongkwan serves traditional “Gomtang” or Boiled beef with rice and broth


The restaurant’s decor reminds me of its tradition and how household and traditional the dish is..


The food here only serve the “regular” or the “special”.. The food is simple.. Sliced boiled brisket beef on top of rice and filled with soup.. While the special includes intestines and other beef offals..


The broth is light and fragrant while the beef is tender and sweet.. The rice has a chewy texture.. Put in a pile of fresh sliced spring onions to add a freshness and crunch and sprinkle some salt and pepper to complete the dish.. With kimchi serve on the side to add a nice kick to your breakfast..

Gomtang is simple, delicious and hearty.. Perfect to start your day and a dish you must try when in Seoul.. Especially here at Hadongkwan..


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