Myth Jokbal and Salad Café opened its door since 1987 and has been selling “Jokbal” or braised pork knuckles for nearly 20 years


I came across this place because of its queue! So I just had to try, even at 9 it was still full of people eating their creations.. “Jokbal” comes with a portion of 1-2 or 3-4 people and you can choose, the original or with garlic all served with a large plate of salad..


The pork is amazing.. Juicy, tender and savoury.. I know their’s lots of fat on it but that gives out tremendous flavour.. There are also 3 dipping sauces.. One is tangly light soy, the other a light miso paste.. All compliments the pork really well..


The salad is crunchy, sweet and super refreshing which help cleanse your palate every time..

Myth Jokbal’s pork knuckle is a must try.. Having it with a bowl of rice and soup should leave you happy


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