Barrafina is a small 20-odd seats tapas bar serving Spanish specialities in small plates..

Barrafina is the sister restaurant, Fino, a already critically acclaim restaurant in London which also competed in Ramsay’s Best Restaurant tv show


In addition, many people had recommended me this place and finally I am able to try and it lived to my expectations.. Everything was delicious and packed full of flavours..


The menu is divised into nibbles, vegetables, meat, seafood and a daily specials.. To nibble we ordered Pimientos de Padron (£5) or grilled green peppers.. Fragrant, soft and with a little kick of spice really gets your stomach going


Followed by baby gem salad with anchovies and pancetta (£7) and cuttlefish with black rice (£12.80)


Both were delicious.. The gems were crunchy and sweet and the fresh, zingy dressing compliments it well while the anchovies added saltiness and cut by the sweet smokey pancetta.. Another delicious dish.. The cuttlefish was faultless.. The rice cooked just like a risotto was creamy with a slight bite too it and full of flavours. The seafood was super fresh, sweet and tender with a hint of chilli that lives it up

We also got chicken thigh with romesco sauce (£7.50).. The skin is super crispy, the meat is super tender and the sauce compliments it super well..

Barrafina is faultless, from the food to the service.. Every plate delivers and the flavour combination is just right..

But one tip, go early cause they don’t take reservation!

Price:£££ (£25 per head for 2)
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