The Delaunay is the siblings to The Wolseley in Green Park



The place resembles the character of The Wolseley… Its grand and elegant fill with men in suits and women looking gorgeous..


The menu service starts from breakfast at 7am, lunch and dinner.. Since its an early start for me, I come to try their breakfast..

The food offered is not much different from The Wolseley.. You get the usual classics such as the English Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine etc..

Or the wide selections of pastries such as croissant: plain or chocolate, or assortment of sweet pastries as well.


When I was at The Wolseley, I always go for their Eggs Benedict or Arlington which come in two portions of either small or large (1 or 2 pieces)

When the food arrive it looked delicious, just like what you get at The Wolseley.. But it still for me, not as good as the Wolseley. The ham and eggs were great.. The muffin was abit too thick and the sauce was creamy and rich but lacks that fragrant and luxury that the one at Wolseley has..

So comparing the parents to the sibling, its better to stick with the parents.. But its still a rather pleasant place to start your day..

Price: £££
The Delaunay on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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