Lantana Café is a little cafe serving Australian influenced breakfast and lunch..



The place is cozy, warm and fill with aroma of freshly brewed Monmouth Coffee. I came across this place through my search of places to dine in the morning.. With me being a morning guy, I just gotta come try..

The coffee here uses the beans from Monmouth and its rather smooth and fragrant..

For the brunch dishes, I first get the Corn fritters with bacon, chilli avocado and roasted tomatoes (£11.50)


Then Bubble and Squeak with pork and leek sausage with pear and apple compote (£9.5) topped with a fried egg..

The Bubble and Squeak was rather tasty.. The sausage is meaty and savoury while the compote adds sweetness and sourness that cuts through well but the bubble and squeak was abit to oily and heavy for me.. The corn fritters however didn’t live to my expectations but the avocado on top was fresh and zingy..

For me, I think it could have been better, the service was great but the food was slow.. Something was missing in those dishes and with brunch a big thing in London, there are better places to enjoy it

Price:££ (£20 per head include drinks)
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Square Meal


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