Duck & Waffles in the heart of the City is a 24 hour eatery curated by Chef Daniel Doherty. The menu is inspired by British and European cuisine.


The restaurant is located on the 40th floor of the Heron tower, giving the restaurant a near panoramic view of the beautiful East London and beyond



At night, this place is buzzing as I think its one of the best place to chill and enjoy a nice cocktail created by the mixologist here. But today its about the weekend brunch offering.

To start we go a spicy ox cheek doughnut with apricot jam (£9)

It was huge and rather tasty. The dough is sweet and soft, the filling was savoury and spicy. A really good balance of spicy and sweet. But the apricot jam was overly sweet so not really a good enhancer for the doughtnut

Mains we got the duck eggs en cocotte with soldiers (£11)

Roasted essex beetroot with goat’s curd, honeycomb and watercress (£9)

And D&W take on the full english (£15)…

These three were rather good.. For me, the duck eggs and beets really stand out. The beets were tender, sweet and perfectly combined with the soft goats curd and the cress adds a little spice that cuts through soo well. The en cocotte were covered with luxurious aroma of truffles yet the dish itself is not overly rich and heavy. Cheesy and fragrant, perfectly match the mini soldiers. The full english was like many other places offered in London.

Brunch D&W was rather pleasant and went down well. With the view it possess it stands out from the crowd. But sure to book in advance because its super busy during the weekends.

Price:£££ (£20 include drinks)
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2 thoughts on “Brunch at Duck & Waffle, City

  1. I’ve been wanting to go here for ages! It looks lovely. I always end up calling to book it at odd times and it just hasn’t worked out yet. Eventually though, I’ll get there. Very jealous! X

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