Breakfast here never disappoints and thats why I come here to tell you about it.


Dishoom brings food from the cafes of Bombay. Its an all day dining that emphasis on naans, grills and the philosophy of sharing. However this is the only place I know that you can get a blend of Western dishes with Eastern flavours.

To start, a nice cup of house chai latte is the way to go (£2.50). Fragrant and well spice. Definitely keep you warm in this weather.

For the savoury ones, get either a bacon naan roll (£3.70) or egg naan roll (£3.70)

So its two sunny side eggs with cream cheese, coriander and chilli tomato wrapped in a freshly baked naan. Delicious.

Akuri or spicy scrambled eggs served with vine tomatos and toasted sourdough is also another delicious and heated breakfast dish (£5.90). Don’t forget to order a side of grilled back bacon. Smokey and savoury, delicious.

If you bored of the eggs benedicts or pancakes that is abundant everywhere. Come try Dishoom to liven up your tastebuds, first thing in the morning!

Price: £ (£10 per person include drinks)
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